You Need Code Reviews

Look at this code:

(within a while body)

if (log.isDebugEnabled()) log.debug("Parsing line " + (lineNumber++));
lineNumber used here

You might be wondering: what´s wrong with it? Well, it turns out that this sort of construction it could become extremely difficult to spot in certain conditions. Imagine a hypothetical situation where this code is not working properly in the production environment, and meanwhile the developer in charge of this block of code -the guy as cool as a cucumber- is totally sure about the correctness of it. Okay, you got it, you may be thinking of me: “How noob this guy is!”; but Hey!, sometimes you are toiling late in the night and this kind of bugs pass unnoticed until you receive an email from your Development Manager muttering:

Subject: Potential bug

I have come across with this statement –incidentally- while surfing the code. Beware that the log will be printed out only if the log level is set to DEBUG, so the lineNumber variable won´t be incremented.

All the best,

Your Development Manager

Guess which level the Production Support had established in their environment? Fortunately, I started off saying “Imagine a hypothetical situation …“.


One Response to You Need Code Reviews

  1. Dean Des Rosiers says:

    Ruben! A public confession was not necessary!

    Anyway, we all could benefit from regular code reviews. They are worth the time in the elimination of bugs and also cross-training/mentoring.

    Dean (the non-hypothetical Dev Mgr)

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